Auto-Capture AI

Powered by cutting-edge OCR and AI technology, our receipt scanner captures essential details like merchant name, taxes, date and totals from your receipts. Experience the future of financial tracking – efficient, accurate, and always at your fingertips. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and hello to seamless expense management.

  • Advanced OCR and AI to capture receipt data
  • Capture the merchant name, tax, total, and date
  • No more manually typing in data for each receipt
Receipt OCR and GPT AI Scanning - Receipt Scanner
Custom categories and organized receipts

Organized & Searchable Receipts

Our receipt management system makes it simple to organize your financial documents into categories. You can even add your own custom categories to organize the way you want. Quickly search through all receipts, and find exactly what you need in a snap.

  • Create your own custom categories
  • Search all your receipts and find what you need quickly
  • Receipt organization made easy

Income & Expense Tracking Made Easy

Best Expense Tracking

Track Expenses

Balance Pro makes it easy for you to itemize expenses for tax deductions. You could end up saving a ton of money or getting a larger tax return.

Searchable Receipts

Organized & Searchable

Our receipt management system makes it simple to organize your documents into categories. Quickly search or filter through  receipts and find exactly what you need in a snap.

Custom Categories for Receipts

Custom Categories

Categories make it easy to itemize your businesses expenses come tax season. You can create custom categories to organize your receipts and expenses just the way you want them.

Scan paper receipts

Digitize Paper Receipts

There's no need for that shoebox of receipts. Snap a photo of your receipts and upload them to Receipt Cat. Your receipts will be easily accessible and safely stored.

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