Version 6.0

Released on April 21, 2024

 New Features

  • Budgets & Goals: Set customized monthly budgets by categorized spending and create goals to save towards large purchases.

  • Net Worth: Get a sum of your total worth from your accounts, assets, and more. See how your net worth changes each month.

  • Loan Accounts: You can now select a loan as an account type.

  • Cash Flow Reports: See a new report of your expenses and income by category for each month.

  • Free Plan: Sign up and use the basic features of Balance Pro for free.


  • Updated billing and subscription page to better manage your subscription plan.

 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the contact form was not submitting correctly

    Version 5.1

    Released on February 10, 2024


    • Added an option to enable a minus sign (-) for negative transactions

     Bug Fixes

    • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

    Version 5.0

    Released on February 5, 2024

     New Features

    • Auto-Capture Receipt Scanner: You can now scan receipts with your camera or upload documents and Balance Pro will automatically capture key information like the merchant name, taxes, total, and date. This is an optional add-on to your subscription plan.

    • Change email address

    • Assets: New Assets account type for things like a house, car, and other assets.

    • Cash Flow: A new chart that shows how much money is coming in and out of all your accounts.


    • Updated expense and income pie charts with more information

    • The app's version number is now visible from the settings page

    • Minor improvements for a better experience

     Bug Fixes

    • Fixes a bug that displayed -$0.00 for some accounts

    • Fixed issue where the Manage Subscription button did not work reliably

     Other Changes

    • Standardized the color of amounts and transactions

    Version 4.4

    Released on December 28, 2023

     New Features

    • Try the app with a 7-day free trial


    • Minor enhancements and improvements

     Bug Fixes

    • Fixed back navigation issue when entering a transaction

    Version 4.3

    Released on December 21, 2023

     New Features

    • A new option to mark all transactions in an account as cleared

    • Added the ability to refresh your account balances in the settings

    • Contextual menus with added quick links to settings


    • Bills has been renamed to Bills & Subscriptions

    • UI improvements throughout the app

     Bug Fixes

    • Fixed scolling issue on the Add Transaction sheet

    Version 4.2

    Released on December 7, 2023

     New Features

    • Demo mode: allows new users to explore the app

    • Added a dark/light mode toggle


    • Speed enhancements to make the app faster

    • Improved performance for accounts with a large number of transaction

     Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue where search wasn’t working as expected

    Version 4.1

    Released on October 10, 2023


    • Added ability to reset password from the My Account screen.

     Bug Fixes

    • Transaction Duplicates: fixed issue where some transactions duplicate on their own.

    • Cleared Transactions Visibility: fixed issue where some cleared transactions were not being hidden when they should be.

    • Gaps in Transactions List: fixed issue that closes large gaps in transaction list.

    • Various Messaging Enhancements: more clear language around premium, bug reports, and feedback requests.

    Version 4.0

    Released on September 15, 2023

     New Features

    • Native App: completely revamped from the ground up to be a fast, native application.

    • Multi-Currency: you can now add accounts in different currencies.

    • Duplicate Transactions: you can now duplicate an existing transaction.

    • Repeating Transactions: you can now have repeating transactions in accounts.

    • Dark Mode: the app will adapt to light or dark mode based on your device's settings.

    • No Ads: no more advertisements in the app.

    • Support Knowledge Base: get quick answers to the questions you have.

    • Feature Requests: new feature request system where you can add and upvote on new app features.


    • Refreshed User Experience: updated to use modern app best practices.

    • What's New: added a What's New link to see the latest features.

    • See More Upcoming Bills: you can how see upcoming bills one year into the future.

    • Simplified user account management.

    • Added a check # field in transactions.

     Bug Fixes

    • Much improved transaction and bill search.

    • More reliable account calculations.

    Version 3.10

    Released on January 17, 2023

     Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue where bills did not delete as expected

    Version 3.9

    Released on November 11, 2022

     New Features

    • Import transactions: premium subscribers can now import transactions (located on the Settings page)

     Bug Fixes

    • Minor performance improvements

    Version 3.8

    Released on November 5, 2022

     New Features

    • Transfer: you can now transfer money between accounts

     Bug Fixes

    • Fixed updating overall total when adding a new account

    Version 3.7

    Released on October 23, 2022

     New Features

    • Reporting: new overview tab that includes transaction reports

     Bug Fixes

    • Fixed Date/Time input stability

    • Fixed issue where bills may not fully delete correctly

    • Updated calendar input

    Version 3.6

    Released on September 14, 2022

     New Features

    • Custom categories: Create custom categories for your transactions

    Version 3.5

    Released on June 3, 2022


    • No longer a restriction to add transactions in the past

     Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue where balances may be calculated incorrectly

    Version 3.4

    Released on May 9, 2022

     New Features

    • Color tags: add a color tag to your transactions for better organization


    • Added more transaction categories

    • Ability to delete past bills

    • Mark a bill as unpaid from past bills section

    Version 3.3

    Released on March 21, 2022

     New Features

    • Running balance: see a running balance on your transaction list

    • Cleared & pending balances: see seperate balances for cleared transactions and pending transaction totals

    • Bill totals: see the total amount due for all bills in a given month

    Version 3.2

    Released on January 30, 2022


    • You can now delete your user account

    • Improvements to automated emails

    Version 3.1

    Released on January 16, 2022

     New Features

    • Attach and upload receipts: Added the ability to upload receipts and invoices—upload PDF, JPG, PNG or take a photo with your smartphone camera.

    Version 3.0

    Released on December 30, 2021

     New Features

    • Refreshed app design: with easier-to-use navigation for mobile, tablet, and desktop

    • Search: you can now search for transactions or bills

    • My Account: new "My Account" page to manage your account settings

     Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue where text would not show in a transaction or bill item

    • Accounts now show full list of accounts no matter how many are added

    • Various improvements where elements did not display correctly

    Version 2.2

    Released on December 11, 2021

     New Features

    • Foreign currencies: added the option to select a currency app-wide

     Bug Fixes

    • Stability improvements

    Version 2.1

    Released on December 4, 2021

     New Features

    • New onboarding screens: also updated create an account page

     Bug Fixes

    • Various small bug fixes

    Version 2.0

    Released on September 17, 2021

     New Features

    • Bill tracking: an easy way to add and manage all your bills in one place

    • Bill reminders: receive reminders when an upcoming bill is due via email and/or app notification

    • Bill auto pay: keep track of bills that have auto pay enabled

     Bug Fixes

    • Time and date bug has been fixed to default to the current time

    • Transaction sorting now saves your setting correctly

     Other Changes

    • Add up to 3 accounts, unlimited transactions, and 5 bills on the app for free

    • Add unlimited accounts and bills with Balance Pro Premium

    Version 1.1

    Released on May 21, 2021

     New Features

    • Export transactions: export your account transactions to a CSV spreadsheet (premium feature).

    • Smart Login: remembers your log in credentials and quickly logs you in via fingerprint or face authentication on mobile devices.


    • You can now add transactions as 0.00

    • Transactions will now show exact time instead of 5 minute intervals.

     Bug Fixes

    • Password reset function restored.

    Version 1.0

    Released on November 21, 2020

     New Features

    • Add multiple financial accounts: Checking, Savings, Credit Cards, Investments, or Cash

    • Ability to mark a transaction as cleared or pending

    • See the total amount of money in all your accounts

    • Add notes to any of your accounts or transactions

    • Hide older transactions by set of time

    • Data synced and accessible through multiple devices

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