Transactions Overview

Transactions Overview

Last updated:

November 6, 2023

How to Add a Transaction

1. Tap the account in which you’d like to add a transaction.

2. Once inside an account, tap the green plus button in the bottom right corner of your screen.

3. Enter in your transaction details. The only required fields are: name, amount, type, and date.

  • Name: Enter the name of this transaction.
  • Amount: Enter the monitary amount for this transaction.
  • Type: Select the type of transaction, such as purchase, income, etc.
  • Date: The date and time for this transaction.
  • Category: For reporting and organization, select a category.
  • Color: If you select a color, it will appear in your transaction list. This makes it easier to find a transaction if you want to come back to it later.
  • Cleared: Mark your transaction as cleared, or turn the switch off if the transaction is still pending in your bank account. 
  • Repeat: If you’d like to set up this transaction to repeat at specific intervals, enter it here.
  • Note: This note field is for any additional details you may want to add.
  • Check #: If you have a check number you can add it here.
  • Add Receipt: Tap this button to add a receipt to this transaction. You can take a photo or upload an existing photo from your device’s photo gallery.

How to Edit a Transaction

To edit a trransaction, simply tap on the transaction and a sheet will appear for you to edit that transaction.

How to Delete a Transaction

Simply tap on the transaction you'd like to delete and scroll the bottom of the pop-up sheet. You will find a delete button there.

How to Set Up a Repeating Transaction

1. From the Accounts tab, tap on the account that you'd like to add a transaction to

2. Tap the green plus button at the bottom right of the screen

3. Fill out your transaction details

4. You will see an option to select how often you'd like this transaction to repeat. Select the option you want and save the transaction. This transaction will now repeat going forward.

How to Search for a Transaction

On the main Accounts screen you will see a search bar near the top of the screen. Simply search for the transaction you are looking for and the search box will search all accounts for your search keywords.

How to Export Transactions

1. Tap on the Settings tab

2. Tap Transactions

3. Tap Export

4. Select the account you'd like to export and a spreadsheet file will download to your device

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